Core Beliefs-Values

At Boundless Grace we Believe

  • God is the Eternal Creator whose beauty in creation is a reflection of His nature.
  • The Scriptures are God’s written revelation to mankind and reliable for faith and practice.
  • All of humanity is born in a state of spiritual disconnect from God, more commonly known as sin. But God, who is rich in mercy, has provided a solution to our problem.
  • Jesus Christ, (God in human form) died on the cross and was resurrected three days later to atone for our sins and provide us with a basis for eternal hope.
  • Heaven is a real place for real people who have placed their trust in Christ's death on the cross alone apart from any meritorious effort from themselves.
  • Jesus Christ will one day return to the earth and establish His rightful reign as King!
  • Followers of Jesus are commanded to love all people and treat them the way they themselves want to be treated.
  • All Christians are indwelt with the Spirit of God and have been gifted to do good works and empowered to overcome sin's nasty habits.
  • The Church is not a building but a body of people who gather together regularly to express their worship to God for all the benefits he has and is bestowing.

Values that Shape our Ministry

  1. We value un-churched people:  At Boundless Grace we desire to be a place where people who have yet to connect the spiritual dots feel safe and accepted as they seek to know God for themselves. Our music, teachings, and environment are shaped with this value in mind.
  2. We value grace over guilt: We believe that Church ought to be a place where people not only learn about the doctrines of grace but actually experience grace in the context of community.  Mercy Triumphs over judgment. James 2:13, Matthew 12:17
  3. We value authenticity over superficial spirituality:  At Boundless Grace we feel no pressure to look spiritual, sound spiritual or act spiritual. We understand Jesus to be into real not religion.  We believe that “pretense” is the enemy of the gospel and quenches the life giving Spirit among us.
  4. We value relationships: We believe that spiritual growth happens in the context of relationships. Therefore, we encourage our people to connect with each other outside the four walls of our Church. Our hope is that all our people will participate in one of our Life Groups.
  5. We value diversity: At Boundless Grace we embrace people from all people regardless of race, age, lifestyle, or religious background without compromising the truths concerning sin, salvation, or sanctification.